Business Modelling
Market Analysis

JCP-consult performs missions of market analysis and business development:

Market analysis

We analyze the market attractiveness, presence and positioning of competitors, existing products and possibilities of market entry. We provide you with a structured report, which can include also potential customers and partners to be contacted. Depending on the area we can add patent and scientific publications report.

Business plan preparation

JCP-Consult can prepare your business plan towards banks or institutional investors and business angels.  Beyond a business plan document containing market analysis, business case, competitor advantage, a balance sheet, income statement and financial evaluation, etc., we will provide also with a custom presentation in power point and short “pitch” resume.

Collaborative R&D Projects

JCP-Consult offers a tailored service for collaborative RnD projects which increases the value of each project by going beyond the technical excellence and evaluating the business potential of the project outcomes. The business modelling service is tailored to each specific project based on the consortium composition and expected level of maturity of project outcomes. The business modelling service can be comprised by one or more of the following activities:


Market analysis – market analysis of selected areas can be performed for selected project outcomes. At the beginning of the project this ensures the design decisions are well coherent with market factors (existing competing solutions, customer acceptance, etc.), while at the end of the project the goal of the market analysis is to evaluate the market potential of the selected outcomes.


New business model generation – using a custom evaluation framework we aim at scoring the possible applicable business models (by for example financial and/or strategic attractiveness) and generating new ones.


Innovation management – innovation monitoring and evaluation using custom made scorecards.


Technology roadmapping - for research oriented projects we offer a wholistic framework that matches market pull and technology push factors in order to chart the evolution of fundamental research to the market;


Exploitation activities and IPRs – every project must provide realistic and sustainable exploitation plans for its project outcomes, while considering IPR issues (e.g. licensing). We will drive the exploitation task in your project and prepare all deliverables in this task.